The “Skololit” company performs a wide range of repair and construction works in living and industrial premises. Our priority direction of activity is modern floor coverings self-leveling polymeric floors, 3d floors, self-aligning decorative floors and others. Besides, the development of future interior design is the basis for any repairs – our experienced designers will help you with a great pleasure.

We offer several variants of interior to our clients, so they are able to choose the one that suits them the most. All models are created on the computer in 3d editing programs, which helps to better imagine the premises after repairs. But first, let’s talk about floor coverings, or if to be more precise, about self-leveling polymeric floors, which laying our company specializes in. Floor coverings It always gives you a headache when you try to choose floor coverings for flats, offices and industrial premises. Strict requirements, which are not so easy to satisfy, are applied to the floor in each case. For instance, floor coverings in a flat should be nice (to please the eye), strong (not to sag under furniture), durable (so you don’t have to change it every year), warm (so you are able to walk barefoot comfortably), ecological (not to harm your health) etc. Properly speaking, none of traditional floor coverings – linoleum, laminated flooring or tile – can completely satisfy these requirements. And it goes without saying that such materials are not suitable for public and industrial premises where the floor is under constant and very considerable load. Self-leveling polymeric floor is the solution to the problem of strong and beautiful floor coverings.

If you still don’t know what it is and can’t imagine all advantages of self-aligning and self-leveling floors, we will tell you in details and we will even show you. Self-leveling floors In recent years, self-leveling floors became very popular due to their excellent maintenance characteristics. Application domain of self-leveling floors is very wide, but if to speak straight out – it is totally unrestricted: flats, cottages, shops, cafes, clubs, hospitals, parking lots, laboratories, workshops, warehouses, etc.

The main advantages of self-leveling floors are their durability and wear resistance. Heels, legs of furniture and equipment, wheels of loaders and automobiles, impact and vibration load – polymeric floors are invulnerable to all of these. Self-leveling floors, according to their application domain, can be industrial and decorative; and according to the materials used, self-leveling floors can be concrete and polymeric. Industrial self-leveling floors are used in industrial premises, at warehouses, parking lots, in technical rooms. Along with durability and wear resistance, industrial floors should also satisfy several other requirements: corrosive medium tolerance, dust-free, non-electro-conductivity, thermal resistance, etc. The presence of these characteristics in self-leveling floors should be specified separately because they are not always necessary. Decorative self-leveling floors are used in flats and cottages, in offices, restaurants, clubs, shops, and other public institutions. They are also characterized by high durability, and in addition they have a quality that is not less important – it’s their extraordinary beauty. Modern technologies allow to implement the most daring ideas, lay decorative floor in any range of colors, put any pattern or proper picture on it.

Self-leveling 3d floors – that’s a separate topic. They allow to create a three-dimensional image on the floor via putting a picture under a transparent upper layer of a polymer. Such 3d floors look splendid in any premises! Self-leveling floors – it is, first of all, about technology of laying. Appropriate material is laid on prepared floor of a room and is smoothly spread on it under action of gravity. That is why they are also called self-aligning floors. As for the materials used, both concrete and polymers are used for industrials floors. And decorative floors are made of polymeric coverings. Polymeric floors can be made of epoxy, polyurethane and acrylic-cement polymers. Self-leveling floors made of these polymers can endure considerable mechanical loads. Polyurethane suits perfectly for laying of decorative floors. They are slightly inferior to other floors in what concerns their maintenance characteristics, but they are very beautiful, that is why they are used in flats, offices, restaurants, etc. In conclusion, we’d like to say a few words about the pricing policy. Polymeric floor coverings are not cheap. State-of-the-art technologies, the most expensive materials, etc. are used here. In any way, the price of self-leveling floors is going to be higher than prices of laminate or tile. But characteristics of such floor coverings are much better, and their durability (life time) is much   higher. As a result, you can even save your money, so self-leveling floor prices are not as high as they seem. Training in 3d floors making Our company offers not only manufacturing of self-leveling floors, but also carries out trainings in this type of activity. Those who finish the training will get a certificate of knowledge compliance. Also, every person trained by us becomes our dealer and gets: a discount on purchase of materials, a page at our web-site (with the description of activity, contacts, image gallery, etc.), and also additional clients who will be redirected to him/her from appropriate regions. Due to demand for this kind of products, more and more companies engaged in manufacturing of construction polymers appear. Generally, Russian and western manufacturers try to present quality products on the market. Otherwise they won’t be able to break even for long. But there are also such agents who try to sell low-quality goods at underestimated prices. “Skololit” belongs to those representatives of polymeric products who take responsibility for quality of goods and services rendered. The “Skololit” company does not perform cheap repairs because for our clients we choose materials of high quality only, which will serve them not just for one year, and which will bring comfort and pleasure. We guarantee professional execution of all types of works performed by our company; in association with that we count on respectable attitude to us and our work on the part of our clients. Our prices for repairs are justified and are stated in details in estimates. Interior design Interior design developed by our specialists is not just a finished sketch – it is also the help of our professionals at every stage of works. Their consultation will give You answers to any questions You may have. After our employees’ visit to the supposed site of build-up or repairs, it will be possible to estimate the required volume of works, which is to be stated in drawings and diagrams, more precisely. And modern computer applications will let you see finished 3d models. During works, all novelties of modern repairs, which may be included in a particular interior design, will be considered. When developing a model, we take into consideration all wishes of our client so that the finished project is in concordance not only with fashion trends, but also with the inner world of our client. It is possible to create a project on the basis of existing design models, as well as on the basis of an exclusive model. Such individual approach will combine client’s tastes and any dimensions of the premises, even the most non-standard ones. Repairs and finishing We present a wide range of repair and construction works, which our company is able to perform. We will carry out any repairs: from light cosmetic to ultra-modern, so that the premises will be completely unrecognizable, unique and beautiful. It means that repairs and finishing, which we are to perform, will be a fine completion of interior design created by us. If our team gets down to business, the laborious and long-term process usually connected with repairs and finishing of the premises can be replaced by a pleasant pastime. If we are to perform repairs, we will provide the execution of all types of works. If you have any questions, please refer to the sales department of our Company. It is beneficial to cooperate with us.